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Last modified on 3/28/2009 4:35 PM by User.


ToDo List!

My ToDo list:

wireless router check - get it working at my computer.. try and get ethans new and old connecting, if works try dales.
finish Ethan's new computer even if wireless not working.. - patched, games, msn etc

CV needs to be updated and uploaded

get my new computer up and running -  need to put windows OS on, and new 9.04 X64 Ubuntu
install VM on ubuntu (not sure which VM software), create a normal XP box I use for development, install VS2008, including sql server 2005).

Design and break down project features / user stories and tasks.

install subversion - had a go at this and failed misserably... wait till have new system installed and tortuisesvn installed so can check from windows as well as get website working as well... will look for TUTS in the mean time

CS Jawbreaker to be finished and published.

Work on AI poker project proposal

Put Google Friend connect into both HOH and CS Jawbreaker.

VM for CI machine to be setup on new computer / CI server on Ethan's old computer.

install cruisecontrol

70-536 MCTS exam prep. - need to pass this.

Install Community Server to which ever server will be hosting the site.

Learn photoshop