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AI Poker - WebSite Functionality List


  • Odds calcualator
  • How would you play this hand
  • Test your knowledge (annoy as well) - (Premium members have their history tracked so they can monitor performance and see areas that need work).
  • Compare your performance to others
    • Look at a hand (user generated hand), see results of same hands played by others from DB and results (%'s)
  • Online hand history analyiser, step through individual hands, (premium members can do other peoples, can then go to compare your performance for that hand).
  • Summary player information (premium members only can view others summary, all else just their own).

Leader Boards / Reports:

  • Tournament Rankings
  • Member stats - Active / non active / number online in last 24hours
  • hand stats - average winning hand / bluff rates, etc

League (can have publicly and privately accessable leagues):

  • View publicly visible Leagues
  • Admin
  • Members
  • rankings
  • forum
  • game dates
  • History (by year and current year).

Members / users:

  • Login / out
  • create an account
  • upgrade to premium account
  • edit person details
  • increase number of chips
  • reminders

Premium members:

  • Can look at other peoples satistics is the main advantage.

Club (members can join any clubs):

  • view publicly visable clubs
  • admin
  • Members
  • rankings
  • forum

Howto / FAQ / Guides:

  • Will have a lot of links to internal and external blogs / sites
  • AI Section
    • general
    • NN
    • etc
  • Poker
    • real world games
    • Internet
    • Cash Games
    • Tournaments
    • how to play hands / positions


  • public to all (annoy as well - read only)
  • private to members
  • private to club members
  • privaet to league members


  • Blog sections:
    • AI
    • Poker