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Last modified on 12/18/2008 9:46 PM by User.


TV Guide Website Idea

Would like to create a website that allows registered users and annoymous users find programs that are on X number of channels.  The idea being they say that they like programs like "Doctor Who" and it will give out shows like that.

Tags would be used to identify the different types of programs.  Any show / film / etc can have multiple tags. 

The registered users can create their own views:

  • today
  • this week
  • by tags
  • by channels

The more popular the tag the heavier the weighting in the searches.

Registered users can vote tags up and down and add new tags to a program

When adding a tag it should suggest existing tags.  If they try and add a tag that is not recognised ask if they meant something similar that is in the DB.

The other big advantage would be you can suggest other programs.  X number of users like Y as well as they program you like.


Would be able to target directly to channels when people have their searches.. they like SC-FI - show a SC-FI add